Flat Roofing in Cardiff and surrounding areas

There are 3 Types of Flat Roofing

flat roofing cardiff
Felt Roofing

Felt Roofing  is when the individual layers are rolled out and heated using propane gas torch until the individual layers all melt and fuse into one. During this process there is no air or moisture vapour present. Air or moisture may get trapped between the layers and result in the formation of blisters and bubbles. Generally, three layers of felt are used and the edge layer is made using green or grey or there can be an application of brown torch on the mineral felt.

Felt Roofing is considered to be highly durable as the top layer is made of woven polyester, enabling the structure to withstand the harsh extremities of weather.

Re-covering of flat roof is another service we offer and we make use of traditional lead or zinc sheeting. We also offer torch on felt systems, which is considered to be more cost-effective by our customers.

Once the work is complete, all the old flat roof coverings are removed.

Fibre Glass Roofing

Usually, people in Cardiff do not opt for traditional flat roofs due to to the extremities of weather. Extreme weather causes rapid degradation of quality where traditional roofs are used and consequently, the roof would not last for a long time.  However, new technology is being used in the development of glass fibre roofing, increasing its popularity and making it a viable alternative to conventional flat roofing. It is now the best watertight solution for any type of flat roofing issues.

At Crystal Cleaning Cardiff, we work with high levels of professionalism to ensure that the roof appears attractive, watertight and comes with a guarantee of 25 years. By working with us, your property will be safe and you can be worry-free.

We use Glass Reinforced Plastic, better known as GRP, as the material for flat roofing to ensure that there are no leaks or tears on the surface. It is laid out as a continuous sheet therefore no seams or welds appear on the surface, thereby stopping any leakages of water. They do not require any maintenance so there are no extra hidden maintenance costs.

GRP is the newest technology in the market and has been tested and tried extensively so we can confidently provide a guarantee of 25 years.

EDPM Rubber Roofing

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM, is a roofing system we specialise in to carry out the installation and maintenance of roofs. It is highly tough and resistant to harsh weather conditions too. This rubber roofing solution is designed in a way such that it outlasts all other conventional methods of roofing. Our workforce is highly experienced in handling EPDM roofing material and we carry out high quality work with this material.

We, at Elite Crystal Clean Cardiff have tested EPDM extensively and we assure that EPDM is one of the best flat roofing systems available in the market. EPDM is highly preferred as it can withstand water, snow and fire whilst offering a high level of flexibility too. On successful completion of the roofing, the final finishing and aesthetic appearance looks excellent.