We can professionally and safely clean roofs on schools, office blocks, warehouses, airports, retail parks, shops, hotels and more

Crystal Clean specialises in all types of commercial and industrial roof cleaning. We clean roofs on schools, office blocks, warehouses, churches, shops, hotels and residential homes.  Our professional commercial roof cleaners are able to carry out any commercial and industrial roof cleaning projects throughout the UK. They are also experienced in removing moss and algae on roofs and walls.

commercial roof cleaning cardiff
The damp climate in the UK can create the perfect conditions for moss and algae to thrive on a roof. Not only does moss look unsightly but it can also cause other problems such as gutters and downpipes becoming blocked.  Also, the extra weight of wet moss can cause stress on the roof structure. What’s more, during winter the freeze-thaw process may cause tiles to break.

This can cause premature degradation and the appearance of your roof to deteriorate. Plus it could also cost you a substantial amount of money in roof repairs.

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